About Me

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly."
Langston Hughes


Donna Pumphrey: "When the student is READY, the teacher will appear, being a part of Anita's coaching program, gave me a safe place to learn, and grow."

Odeidra Williams: "You hold me accountable for following my plans and making positive actions. Thank you again, over and over again."

Joseph Batten: "You did an amazing job on the call last Monday night! You and I spoke after the call and I asked you to define the word success for Anita Hicks and you defined it as letting you light shine at all times. Such an amazing time to shine in America, so thank you for all that you do in impacting my life for the better."

Jessica Hall: "I wanted to tell you that the Thursday night call featuring Eric King was simply phenomenal.  He gave several platinum nuggets that  I am applying to my business model right now.  The major nugget that resonated with me was the tip about the hours we dedicate to our business.  I am now evaluating and assessing how I can maximize my168 hours per week to make business more prosperous.  Thank you for inviting Attorney Eric King on your Tele training conference.  It was simply the best! I looking forward to next week's guest and becoming more productive as business owners and partners".  

Sheronda Orridge:  “I got great value from the entrepreneur conference call the most important message I received from the meeting is when the speaker said when you work for yourself be the type of employee you would hire “.

Jackie Goff: “Thank You for the call tonight Eric kept it plain, real, and thought provoking”.

Felicie Bright: I was on the call last night and was inspired. As a life coach/motivator, I feel fortunate to have connected with another mentor ”.

Craig Freeman: “Anita, Great call tonight Eric was an excellent guest speaker at 39 yrs old is an awesome motivator”.

Kiwi McDowell: “JUST PLAIN OLD FABULOUS! I got on at the last 15 minutes.  It was INCREDIBLE! ”.

Glenifer Wade:  "The call was very enlightening ".

Who Is Anita Hicks?

Executive Coach, Business Trainer, Motivational Speaker




Anita Hicks is the President of AHU Business Training Solutions. She is something of a rainmaker, a leader in Business Training, Executive Coaching and Motivational Speaking. Her entrepreneurial spirit represents the legacy of her mother, father and grandfather, who inspired and motivated her to pursue her life goals. Whether she is delivering messages related to small business ownership, millennial-entrepreneurship, life skills, personal development, sales, or leadership, Anita presents “universal” messages that speak to “personal” lives, hopes and dreams.

Her contagious energy, mantra that “we are all winners” and encouraging spirit have helped many transform their lives and business. Communicating with humor, poetic lyrics and practical applications, she offers innovative techniques that help businesses succeed. Anita is a self-proclaimed dreamer with a passion for success. She has a strong desire to help small businesses. She is the mother of two adult sons whom she considers to be her “driving force”. Today, Anita is National Corporate/Business Trainer, sought-after Motivational Speaker, past Assistant Director, North Carolina Department of Transportation On the Job Civil Industry Program, a Coach and Trainer of for the Prestigious Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network  

Anita has a MBA and a Coach for the Center of Creative Leadership.   She has over twenty years of sales experience as a successful Realtor, and ten years of business experience with IBM Corporation.